Saturday, June 16, 2018


I've been pondering the matter for several weeks, and I've concluded that we need to be punished, and it should be swift, certain, and painful. The part about painful is especially important, because Donnie Doolittle is the kind of horrible mistake this country can never afford to make again. It's unfortunate that the people who actually voted for the worthless asshole won't be forced to suffer all of the punishment, but that's life. Nobody promised us it would be fair.

If (when) it comes, the punishment will surprise most people, since the media have neglected their responsibility to report the truth and keep the public informed. Instead, they've focused on the TV reality show aspects of the fiasco. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Russian Asset

Finally, somebody on CNN asks the right questions and gets the right answers. In this case, it's a former Fox News analyst named Ralph Peters, in an interview with Anderson Cooper. The mainstream media need to face facts and start beating the drum: Donnie Dogsquat is a Russian asset, and needs to be dealt with as one. Everything that fat motherfucker has done has weakened our international leadership position, destabilized our political system, and will eventually create economic chaos. That looks to me like he's making Putin's wishes come true.

From The Rude Pundit, something more Americans should read, and something I wish I'd written myself.

Updated 1:14 PM Friday 8 June: Sorry, Donnie. You aren't Putin's worst nightmare. You're his ultimate wet dream, you stupid asshole. It's so bad that Putin has changed Donnie's code name to Fairy Godmother. What really turns my stomach is that the Russian asset doesn't even try to conceal his treason, but the media still won't accept the reality of what they're seeing.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Supernatural beings

Digby @ Hullabaloo: In case anyone missed the bulletin, Donnie Dildo wasn't merely chosen by god, he is god. The other 44 (the real presidents) somehow mistakenly believed the law applied to them, but Donnie knows it doesn't.

Donnie has a good slapping down coming to him, and it's way overdue. Maybe the make-believe precedent (sic) will actually murder somebody on the street in front of a few hundred witnesses, and we can test the theory of his infinite authority and legal invincibility.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Lowdown and worthless

At least three or four times every week, we get fresh reminders that Republican voters are, as my old man used to say, the "sorriest creatures god ever wadded a gut into."

Today's reminder is discussed @ Daily Kos, and concerns the importance of presidents providing moral leadership. Hint: It's not as important in 2018 as it was when Obama was in the White House.

Friday, May 25, 2018


Donnie Uranus is the proverbial 800 gallons of shit in a 2-gallon bucket. For the sake of comparison, Lindsey Graham is only 50 gallons of shit in a 2-gallon bucket.

Donnie's the guy who thinks there are some good things to be said for that whole concentration camp deal. Lindsey has yet to render an opinion on the topic (as far as I know), but that shouldn't be interpreted as being against them, necessarily.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


If I was in a position to give him advice, the first thing I'd tell Donnie Uranus is that he really needs to get over this weird obsession with Barack Obama if he wants to get better. Of course, I'd be wasting my breath because that asshole is too far gone already. He's over the wire, and there's no going back now.