Friday, January 20, 2017

In the john with the Don

Friday 20 January 2017. We'll all be able to say we were there the day America was officially flushed down the crapper. Maybe the people who made it possible will look back on it as a big mistake.

UPDATE 1:10 PM: It goes without saying that I avoided watching the ceremony on TV today. Those who did reported on the Internet that the crowd was small and the speech sounded like Pootin' really did write it himself. He's still campaigning for the nomination, I guess.

Monday, January 16, 2017


It might be a good idea for Democrats to study what this Lakoff guy is saying. It's as good an explanation as any I've seen lately for how Twitter Shitter got the top job.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Football 2016: Championship

It's almost the middle of January 2017 and the 2016 college football season ends tonight with Alabama and Clemson meeting on ESPN to decide the national championship. The same teams faced off last year, so I'm interested in seeing if we get a different outcome. It won't bother me to see the Tide get knocked off, but if there's any college team that looks like it can't be beaten, it would be Alabama. Offense, defense, special teams, coaching - it's hard to pin down an area in which they appear vulnerable.

College Football News predicts Alabama will win 26-17, and a game that closely matched would be fun to watch. We'll see if Clemson has what it takes to pull off an upset.

UPDATE 9:00 PM: Alabama started the game looking like the dominant team. Clemson finally started playing better on offense and defense in the second quarter and narrowed a 14-0 Alabama lead to 14-7 at the half.

UPDATE 11:30 PM: This was a classic, with the lead changing hands three times late in the fourth quarter. Clemson scored to go ahead for the first time 28-24. Alabama immediately drove for a touchdown to go back in front 31-28. Finally, Clemson scored on a short TD pass to regain the lead 35-31 with one second remaining in the game.

Clemson has shown Texas A&M and the rest of the SEC West teams what it takes to beat Alabama. Maybe Kevin Sumlin was taking notes.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Football 2016: Bowl Games, Part Two

The Texas Bowl was interesting for about 20 minutes, while Texas A&M was taking their first possession of the first quarter and driving for a touchdown to lead 7-0, and the A&M defense was holding Kansas State scoreless on their first possession. Then the game started turning to shit, just like four of A&M's last six regular season games. Final score 33-28, season record 8-5. We should start calling Sumlin "Old Eight and Five" if we haven't already.

The remaining bowl and playoff games that might be worth seeing on TV:
  • Arkansas vs Virginia Tech, December 29th
  • Nebraska vs Tennessee, December 30th
  • Michigan vs Florida State, December 30th
  • LSU vs Louisville, December 31st
  • Washington vs Alabama, December 31st
  • Ohio State vs Clemson, December 31st
  • Penn State vs USC, January 2nd
  • Auburn vs Oklahoma, January 2nd
  • National championship game, January 9th


I haven't had enough patience or interest to watch any of the bowl games from start to finish, although I've managed to see parts of several. The SEC teams are 6-5 so far. The good ones have been winning (Alabama, Florida, LSU, Georgia and Tennessee, along with Mississippi State). The weaker ones all lost (Vanderbilt, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Kentucky and Arkansas). The game between Auburn and Oklahoma is tonight, and Alabama will play Clemson for the national championship next week. Haven't we already seen that game, like last January maybe?


Auburn lost to Oklahoma, giving the Big 12 (Minus 4 Plus 2) a pair of bowl game wins over the SEC, and 2-1 record including TCU's loss to Georgia. The SEC bowl record is a mediocre 6-6, but the Crimson Tide plays again on Monday in The Big Game.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


It's hard to stomach, but I've almost decided that the only chance we have for future security rests with the U.S. Senate. Depending on them is risky, but it's all that's left.