Sunday, December 4, 2016

Football 2016: Bowl Games, Part One

At one point in October, the Aggies looked like an above-average SEC West team. They had a solid defense, an effective quarterback, and a productive rushing game. And they were unbeaten after playing UCLA, Auburn, Arkansas and Tennessee. Then they took on Alabama and ended up losing the four SEC games remaining on the schedule.

When you crater in October, you can't have nice things. That's why A&M is headed to the afterthought Texas Bowl to play Kansas State. Games with K-State were fairly common when A&M was a member of the BDF, with ten contests split 5-5. The memorable Aggie win was in the 1998 championship game, but KSU got even by whipping A&M in three consecutive games before A&M left for the SEC.

I haven't seen anything in A&M's performance since October that makes me think they're capable of winning a bowl game, and losing to KSU again will make 2016 an even more depressing clusterfuck than it already is.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Football 2016: Championship Weekend

Watching Texas A&M fold their tents in the month of November for the third consecutive season sucked the enthusiasm for college football out of me. This weekend, good teams will be playing for slots as top dogs in their conferences. This is unlikely to be an experience Texas A&M will enjoy in this decade (or maybe ever).

In the games played as of 7:00 PM on Saturday:
  • Washington 41 Colorado 10
  • Oklahoma 38 Oklahoma State 20
  • West Virginia 24 Baylor 21
  • Alabama 54 Florida 16
Alabama looks like the toughest kid on the block. I watched some of the SEC championship game, until I realized it would be impossible for Florida to win. That came in the third quarter, after Bama followed a goal-line stand with a 98 yard TD drive of their own, making the score 40-16.

Games played Saturday night:
  • ACC Championship: Clemson 42 Virginia Tech 35
  • Big Ten: Penn State 38 Wisconsin 31

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Football 2016: Week Thirteen

Thanksgiving weekend, and the regular season essentially ends. The games that might be worth watching on TV are nearly all traditional rivalries that have been played around this time of year as long as I've been a college football fan.

Here are the most promising games with the College Football News score predictions:
  • Tonight, LSU plays at Texas A&M on ESPN. Not a traditional rivalry game yet,  and LSU has won all four games played since the Aggies moved into the SEC West. The CFN prediction has LSU winning for the fifth straight year (27-20). A&M has collapsed since the New Mexico State game, so the score might not be that close. On the other hand, the season could be saved with an Aggie win. I wish the Aggies had showed sparks of life in November. UPDATE: At the half, I decided I'd had as much of that crap as I could stomach, so I switched to a movie instead. I haven't seen a complete A&M football game since October. This sums up my thoughts.
  • The Iron Bowl is the 2:30 showcase game on CBS Saturday. Auburn has had a good season since their loss to A&M, but Bama is probably too much for them. Bama is too much for just about anybody you can name. CFN says the Tide rolls 30-16.
  • Michigan at Ohio State on ABC (Saturday at 11:00 AM). If you're going to watch a Big Ten game on TV, this is one that's usually worth seeing. Both teams are 10-1 and the Buckeyes are favored by about a touchdown. CFN thinks Michigan gets a close 19-16 win in a head-bumping contest.
  • The Egg Bowl is set for 2:30 Saturday on SECN. The game features the two teams that wrecked A&M's season with back-to-back losses: Mississippi State at Ole Miss. I hate both of them. CFN expects a lot of scoring, with Ole Miss eking out a 38-37 win.
  • Florida at Florida State (Saturday at 7:00 PM on ABC). If I watch this game, I'll pull for the Gators, since A&M is 0-4 against FSU, and the Seminoles have ruined my day four times, which is two more than Florida has. CFN is calling this a 20-17 win for Florida. 
UPDATE Saturday 11:56 PM
  • LSU beat Texas A&M 54-39
  • Alabama beat Auburn 30-12
  • Ohio State beat Michigan 30-27 in OT
  • Florida State beat Florida 31-13
  • Mississippi State beat Ole Miss 55-20

Monday, November 21, 2016

Kneel before him?

He summoned them?

 Are you shitting me?

When will network leaders finally realize the orange asshole needs the networks a lot more than they need him?

Cut the fat motherfucker off today. Complete blackout.  He'll be crawling to them in less than two hours, begging for attention.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Football 2016: Week Twelve

The topics I most enjoy writing about are football and politics, not necessarily in that order. A few weeks ago, at the end of October, I felt like I was on top of the world since everything seemed to be moving in the correct direction in both football and the presidential election campaign.

Now, eighteen days later, everything is totally FUBAR. We have a goddamned asshole preparing to take control of the executive branch, and Texas A&M has gone off the rails in consecutive games, turning a promising season into another disappointing train wreck.

Not many SEC games worth discussing on tomorrow's TV schedule. For example, A&M hosts UT/San Antonio (5-5) in an early 11:00 AM game. The Aggies are about a four TD favorite, and College Football News predicts they'll win 40-17. There aren't many star players on A&M's roster, and when the few they have are injured, this is a very mediocre team. I can imagine this game being closer than 23 points. UPDATE 2:56 PM: Texas A&M didn't win this game by 23 points, but they did manage to score 23 points and survived 23-10. The A&M offense is dead in the water without Trevor Knight, and this isn't the same team that beat UCLA, Auburn, Arkansas and Tennessee. The game against LSU may get ugly.

Florida (7-2) plays at LSU (6-3) at noon on SEC Network. The Gators are about a two TD underdog, and CFN expects LSU will win 23-13. The Aggies get a potent dose of LSU next Friday, and it may be hazardous to their health. UPDATE: Florida won an SEC slug fest 16-10. Will this LSU loss have any bearing on the game against A&M? Who knows?

The CBS showcase game at 2:30 PM is Missouri (3-7) at Tennessee (7-3). The Volunteers are favored by 16 points, and CFN forecasts a 41-30 win for UT. I'll only see this game if I'm extremely bored. UPDATE: There were 100 points scored, and Tennessee got 63 of them.

Finally, Arkansas (6-4) visits Mississippi State (4-6) in what will probably be a 31-27 win for the hogs according to CFN. Since A&M already played both teams, I have minimal interest in seeing this game. If I happen to watch, I'll pull for Arkansas based on the formula. UPDATE: Another 100 point game, and Arkansas held on to win 58-42.

In a side note, Vanderbilt gave Ole Miss a 38-17 whipping, which makes that A&M loss to the Rebels sting even more. Does this mean the Aggies are worse than Vandy?

Added 11:26 PM Saturday: I was checking scores and discovered that lowly Kansas beat the Strong horns in overtime, 24-21. Damn, I wish I'd watched that game. I love it when Texas U gets embarrassed.