Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Trump's Dan Quayle

The New Yorker has a piece by Jane Mayer explaining the reasons Pence would be as dangerous as Ass Lube if he replaces the so-called precedent (sic).

Like Dan Quayle, Pence is an insurance policy against assassination.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Football 2017: Week Seven

The second half of the season begins tomorrow with three games on TV that could be worth seeing.
  • Auburn at LSU is the SEC showcase game at 2:30 on CBS. Auburn looks like a team that's having an excellent season, and LSU doesn't. Auburn is favored by 7, and College Football News predicts they'll win 26-17. UPDATE: The LSU season looks better after they beat Auburn 27-23 today.
  • Oklahoma vs Texas at Dallas is also on at 2:30 (on ESPN). This is the only Big 12 game I'm willing to waste time watching. As much as I hate the sooners, I hate the goddamned longhorns even more, so I'll watch this to see if OU can stomp the shit out of Texas U. The line has the sooners as a touchdown favorite, but CFN believes the horns will pull off a 27-24 upset win. UPDATE: The only purpose Oklahoma serves in this world is to beat Texas in football games. If they can't do that, then Oklahoma serves no purpose whatsoever. At any rate, the sooners held on to beat the horns again, this time by 29-24.
  • Texas A&M at Florida is the 6:00 game on ESPN-2, with the Gators favored by a field goal at home. Both teams have been up and down: The Aggies feel pretty good about losing to Alabama 27-19 last week, and Florida feels rotten about losing 17-16 to LSU. The CFN prediction is a 27-23 win for A&M, and that's possible if the Aggies play their best game of the season so far. UPDATE: The Aggies didn't play all that well, but they executed a long punt return and few good offensive plays late in the 4th quarter to set up a fairly easy FG, then got the ball back on an interception to seal a tough 19-17 win over the Gators. So you could probably say the offense, defense, and special teams all came through in the clutch.
The other SEC games, with the CFN score predictions:
  • Brigham Young at Mississippi State. The Bulldogs, favored by 23, win 37-10. UPDATE: An easy 35-10 victory for MSU.
  • South Carolina at Tennessee. The Vols are a narrow 2 1/2 point favorite, but the Gamecocks get the 26-17 upset. UPDATE: A good prediction, as the Gamecocks win 15-9.
  • Arkansas at Alabama. Bama's the favorite (30.5), and should roll the hogs 44-13. UPDATE: No contest, just another 41-9 blowout win for Saban.
  • Missouri at Georgia. The home team is another 30 1/2 point favorite, and the suffering continues for Mizzou in a 44-10 blowout loss. UPDATE: Georgia takes care of business, 53-28.
  • Vanderbilt at Ole Miss. The Rebels are favored by a FG, but CFN expects Vandy to pull off a 27-23 upset. UPDATE: Sorry, Vandy. No upset here. Ole Miss wins a scoring contest 57-35.

Monday, October 9, 2017


I stopped watching professional football years ago. In fact, I can't remember which season I made the decision to give it up for good, but I started to taper off after Jimmy Johnson left his coaching job with the Dallas Cowboys. I stuck around for most of the Barry Switzer era, and even watched some games during the two years Chan Gailey coached the team. 

By the time Dave Campo was hired (in 2000), it was obvious that Jerry Jones had taken a topnotch NFL team (the Cowboys under Jimmy Johnson) and over a period of a few years, managed to bury it in a mountain of shit. The decline of the Cowboys, combined with the trashy presentation of NFC games on Fox, was more than I could tolerate and by the time Bush 43 invaded Iraq, I was almost completely rid of my pro football habit. 

That's why I despise Jerry Jones as much as I despise any Republican politician. Today, Jones gave me one more reason to hate his fucking guts with his new line in the sand policy on phony patriotism

In the world of sleazy assholes like The Fucking Moron, Mike (Turd) Pence, and Jerry (Facelifts) Jones, kneeling in a silent protest against racist injustice during the national anthem is unpatriotic. Real patriotism is selling out to the Russians to steal a presidential election, and swamping the federal government in levels of corruption previously unimaginable in my lifetime.

I'd love to see all the star players on the Dallas roster united to test Jerry's limits on this one.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Football 2017: Week Six

After tomorrow, Texas A&M will have completed half of 12 regular season games. The Aggie record is 4-1, and would've been 5-0 if they'd found some way to protect a 34-point lead in the first game. The second A&M loss is headed their way, since Alabama visits as a 26 1/2 point road favorite. The one thing I know for sure is that the Aggies won't lose by squandering a 34-point lead, since they won't score 34 points, and probably won't lead after the first five minutes of the first quarter. The game will be on ESPN at 6:15, and College Football News predicts the Tide will crush A&M 45-13. This is a game I plan to watch until Alabama builds an insurmountable lead, which is probably anything over 14 points. FINAL SCORE UPDATE: I stayed with the game until halftime, when the Aggies were behind 17-3. I was expecting something like a 31-0 lead for Bama, so I was happy to see A&M keeping it reasonably close through two quarters. On the other hand, I wasn't seeing anything that caused me to believe they would be able to come from behind to win. As it turned out, the final score was 27-19, and from what I read at Good Bull Hunting, the Aggies stayed in the fight all the way to the end.   

There aren't too many SEC games worth watching on TV tomorrow.
  • Ole Miss (2-2) at Auburn (4-1) at 11:00 on SEC. Auburn's favored by 21, and CFN expects them to maul the Rebels 40-16. UPDATE: Auburn won 44-23.
  • LSU (3-2) at Florida (3-1) at 2:30 in the CBS showcase game. The Gators are favored by 3.5 points, and the CFN prediction is they'll cover in a close 24-20 win at home. UPDATE: In a mild upset, LSU got the win they had to have, 17-16.
  • Arkansas (2-2) at South Carolina (3-2) at 3:00 PM on SEC. This is a head-to-head contest featuring what may end up being the only two SEC teams that A&M defeats this season. The Aggies won in OT against the hogs, and had to come from behind to beat the gamecocks. Arkansas is a narrow 1.5 point road favorite, and CFN is picking them to emerge with a 24-17 win. UPDATE: South Carolina won 48-22.  
  • Missouri (1-3) at Kentucky (4-1) at 6:30 on SECN. Mizzou is a ten point road underdog, and CFN forecasts a 31-17 beating for them. Since I've hated Missouri dating back to the Big 12 days, I enjoy their misery. UPDATE: It was no romp, but Kentucky still beat Missouri 40-34.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Football 2017: Week Five

Most teams have played a third of their 12 regular season games, but there are still a few non-conference games cluttering up the weekend schedule. There are four SEC games on TV that might be worth seeing if I'm desperate to kill time tomorrow.
  • Georgia (4-0) at Tennessee (3-1) at 2:30 PM on CBS. This is the showcase game, and Georgia is favored by 7 1/2 points. College Football News expects the Vols will lose at home 31-17. Final score update: This one was an ass-whipping. Georgia won 41-0.
  • Mississippi State (3-1) at Auburn (3-1) on ESPN at 5:00 PM. Two teams that Texas A&M plays later, which could motivate me to watch a quarter or two. Auburn is favored by 10 points. CFN predicts they'll win at home 23-16. Final score update: Auburn wasn't taking any prisoners in a 49-10 blowout of MSU.
  • South Carolina (3-1) at Texas A&M (3-1) on SECN at 6:30 PM. Both teams are 3-1, and the Aggies are favored by 9 points at Kyle Field. Over the last few seasons, the home field hasn't been a dependable advantage for Sumlin's team against SEC opponents, but CFN thinks they'll outscore the gamecocks 34-27. Final score update: Apparently there won't be any easy wins for Texas A&M this season. The Aggies trailed 17-7 in the third quarter before making a comeback in the 4th quarter to pull out a 24-17 victory. Up next: Alabama.
  • Ole Miss (2-1) at Alabama (4-0) on ESPN at 8:00 PM. The oddsmakers think this could be a bloodbath, and have the Tide as four TD favorites. CFN thinks it might be a little closer than 28 points, but Bama will still roll 37-13. Final score update: Alabama tuned up for the Aggies in a 66-3 rout of Ole Miss. Things might get ugly at Kyle Field next week.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Taxing my patience

The so-called precedent (sic) is a fat real estate salesman who isn't remotely qualified to hold the office, but he's using it to push tax policies that will benefit him and his family personally. If there aren't laws that prevent that, there fucking well should be.

Added 1:16 PM Thursday 28 September: This press release was copied from the website of Rep. Mark Meadows. Here's a hint: It's total horse shit.
President Trump has delivered a forward looking tax reform framework that will let hard working Americans keep more of their money, simplify our system, end carve outs for special interests,  and will help make our businesses competitive abroad. The Freedom Caucus looks forward to sending a final bill based on this framework to President Trump's desk as soon as possible. 
Based on the early media coverage of the proposed tax legislation, there's a good chance this could fail even though it doesn't have Obama's name attached to it... assuming Donny Dotard's supporters ever realize they're about to get royally screwed.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Football 2017: Week Four

Any time you feel like you have too much extra life to live, go to the tire store and buy a set of new tires for your car. That'll help you get rid of a big chunk of that extra time you're carrying around with you.

Since I was busy using up surplus life buying tires today, I didn't have much opportunity to contemplate Week 4 football games. The only game I might try to watch on TV is the 11:00 AM shootout on ESPN between Texas A&M and Arkansas (at Arlington).

The Aggies have played six halves of football so far. Two of them were good, and the other four smelled like an Alabama outhouse in July. In the first half against UCLA in game one, and the second half against Louisiana in game three, A&M looked like a respectable mid-level SEC team. If they can produce four full quarters against Arkansas like those four, the Aggies (favored by 2 1/2 points) might cover the spread. College Football News thinks their inability to execute consistently will result in a 27-24 win for the razorbacks. I can't argue with that. 

Final score update: If there's one SEC West team that A&M seems to own, it's Arkansas. Today's 50-43 win in overtime makes A&M's record against the razorbacks in SEC play 6-0, and this is the first one of the six games that I wrote off as an A&M loss before it started. 

The Aggies were able to win without playing flawlessly, which is a surprise in most seasons, but especially this one. They scored touchdowns on an 81-yard pass and a 100-yard kickoff return, and were cheated out of another long TD run by an official's early whistle. On offense, A&M racked up 501 yards (216 passing, 285 rushing). That's the good news. The bad news is that the defense gave up 457 yards and 43 points. On the bright side, the game-winning play in OT was an interception in the end zone. Whether A&M is stout enough to beat Auburn, Mississippi State or LSU remains to be determined. At this stage, I still have doubts. The gamecocks are next.

Here are the scores predicted by CFN for the SEC games I probably won't be watching:
  • Auburn 37, Missouri 13
  • Louisiana State 40, Syracuse 13 
  • Alabama 27, Vanderbilt 6 
  • Mississippi State 24, Georgia 20 
Final score updates
  • Auburn easily beat Missouri 51-14. 
  • LSU finally tamed Syracuse 35-26
  • The Tide rolled Vanderbilt 59-0, and 
  • Georgia thumped MSU 31-3.